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About us

Baba & Sawada was originally founded in 1963 by Kazuhiro Baba as the Baba Law Office, to provide comprehensive legal services to companies and individuals. Since then, we have been providing the most advanced business legal advice to our corporate clients and personalized service to individual clients. The office name changed to “Baba & Sawada Law Office” in 2002 with the intention to meet our clients’ diversified needs and prospects for their future development.

The need for more advanced legal services in expanding fields of law continues to increase as the world becomes smaller, and the global business environment evolves. The member lawyers of our office utilize their individual specialized skills and well-developed legal network of related professionals to fulfill the needs of our clients with efficiency and care.

We have provided high-quality legal services to both private clients and sophisticated entities of every type, including companies specialized in trading, leasing, manufacturing, real estate, information technology, and franchising. We have particular expertise in all manners of contract law, commercial law, company law, employment law, bankruptcy law and tort law. In regard to intellectual property matters and tax issues, Baba & Sawada cooperates with related offices specializing in such areas to best serve the client’s needs.

For individual clients, we provide services relating to family law, inheritances, and criminal defense.

As more small and medium-sized enterprises expand internationally, we have reinforced our global approach. Many of our attorneys and staff are fluent in English, and are well-equipped to assist with your cross-border needs.

Kazuya SAWADA (Managing Partner)

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